How do I become a customer at Rodrilinea?

    Feel free to contact us via email, phone or in person. Whatever way you choose to communicate with us, we will help you and explain to you every step to take in order to become a Rodrilinea client. You can find all of our contacts here.


    How can I contact the customer service?

    The best way to reach our customer service is through our contact form.


    How can I place an order?

    The easiest way is to order directly through email or phone. You’ll find all the information about our products at our website, such us product reference, sizes and details, but the quotations are given by email or phone, after your request. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll clarify all of your questions.


    Are you dissatisfied with our service?

    Your complaints and suggestions are welcome because they show us where we can better ourselves in the future. Every contact is taken seriously and confidential. If you ever have a problem with the delivery, our service team, website functionalities or any other matter, please use the contact form and let us know about the situation.


    How can I order/discontinue the Newsletter?

    As a regular receiver of our newsletter, we give you regular information about new products, great sales, trends and offers. To receive the newsletter go to our Homepage, add your e-mail address and choose "SEND". To discontinue the newsletter, you will find that option inside one of the newsletters Rodrilinea has sent you.


    Our customers rely on us to develop products and solutions that precisely meet their requirements. At Rodrilinea, we are unique in our flexibility and build a reputation based on our personalized and tailor-made services.


    From conceptualization to creation, we collaborate with our clients at every step. We offer a wide range of solutions and our products will surely meet any need. By combining your ideas with our solutions, the possibilities are endless.









  • FAQ's

    1. Where can I buy Rodrilinea products?

    Our products are available through fine retailers around the world. Please let us know your location by sending us an email to geral@rodrilinea.pt and we will be glad to provide you information about a retailer near you. If we don’t have a retailer in a desirable location, our sales manager can guide you via telephone or email.


    2. What are the benefits of working with Rodrilinea?

    With Rodrilinea you can make sure that you will bring a special character to each ambience. Our brand provides constant novelties, bringing solutions to any project. We have emotional and exclusive pieces, handmade with a variety of techniques that can bring an exclusive touch to unique rooms. Rodrilinea is willing to change its textures, colours and measures in order to please even the most demanding project.


    3. What shipping options do you offer?

    If you wish you can schedule with your transport contact from our factory to the desired location. If you prefer we can help you through the process and find the best available transport option for you. In this case we will be happy to assist you and clarify any question during the transport process. Please make sure that the shipping address is correct, as we're unable to redirect orders once they are on their way. Although, if you choose to select the transportation company by yourself we don’t take any responsibility.


    4. Do you ship overseas?

    Rodrilinea sells its products all over the world and we can provide help with the transportation. We work closely with our shipping partners to minimize the potential impact of custom delays on our overseas customers.


    5. What is the status of my order? How do I track my order?

    You can always check the status of your order by mailing us.





    6. Where are your headquarters based? And the production?

    They are both located in Maia - Oporto, one of the best European destinations, a historical city in the North of Portugal.


    7. When does the production start?

    Once you place your order we will contact you stating all the details regarding your order, agreed conditions and how to proceed.


    8. What is the lead-time of production?

    Normal order production time is near 30 days. Delivery time not included.


    9. Can the products be customised?

    We customize all of our products in sizes, materials and colours. If you need a particular customization please contact us and our designers will be thrilled to assist your need.


    10. What’s the lead-time for customized pieces?

    For pieces with custom specifications, custom designs or orders of large quantities we reserve the right to agree with the customer on a time of delivery. The lead time for this custom orders can vary between 4 and 12 weeks.





    11. Can I change or amend my order once it has been placed?

    In case of your order is a custom piece once we start production it cannot be altered. For standard pieces it depends on a case-by-case basis. You should contact us and expose all the details on your request so it can be evaluated.


    12. What are my payment options?

    Bank transfer is the most common procedure.





    13. Can I choose the currency I’m paying in?

    You can pay in Euros (€) or US Dollars ($).


    14. What are your payment conditions?

    Proforma orders will require a 60% deposit with the order and the balance prior to shipping from Portugal. Customized Proforma orders will also require 60% deposit. All pieces are property of Rodrilinea until full payment is received. We reserve the right to defer the dispatch date until the balance of the order is received.


    15. Do you offer special conditions for professionals?

    Rodrilinea offers exceptional conditions for professionals and showrooms. For more specific information please contact our sales team to comercial@rodrilinea.pt.





    16. How do I know that my order has been shipped?

    Before shipping your order, we will contact you for the full payment. As soon as the pieces are shipped, we will inform you with all the contact details of the transportation company and estimated dates.


    17. What is the difference between “order date” and “ship date”?

    Order date means the day that you have made your order. Ship date concerns to the day that your order has been shipped.


    18. Can I change my shipping address after my order has been dispatched?

    Once the order has been dispatched it is no longer our responsibility. You will be given all the contact details of the transportation company so, in case you would like to change your shipping address you can contact them.


    19. Will I receive all the items in my order at the same time?

    Usually we ship all pieces of the same order together. However, if necessary we can ship the order partially.





    20. What is your return/exchange policy?

    No returns or exchanges will be accepted without written consent from Rodrilinea. Unauthorized returns or exchanges will be refused at the customers expense. For authorized returns or exchanges please contact us and we will provide all the information needed.





    21. How do you proceed if the pieces arrive damaged to the final destination?

    We are not responsible for loss or damage during the transportation process. If a damage occurs in transit, please notify immediately the transportation company. Please note: If the article was not well manufactured by Rodrilinea, the failure to report  within 48 hours of receipt will result in the denial of your claim. Photographic evidence of the damages or mistakes should also be sent by email to geral@rodrilinea.pt.


    22. How can I maintain my product?

    Each product has a clean and care guide. You will find the most suitable cleaning option in our Care Guide.





    23. Do you keep stock?

    Rodrilinea doesn’t keep an extensive stock of its pieces. Generally we might be able to fulfil your order immediately in current products.


    24. What are the benefits of being an agent?

    Rodrilinea has products that will give a trendy touch to your portfolio improving it with a varied range of products. We are constantly launching novelties increasing your capacity to fulfil your client’s needs. It is also possible to customize our products in order to be suitable for your clients. We offer competitive lead times, exceptional conditions with good profit margins. If you need anything please contact us and we will be glad to assist you in short period of time.


    25. Can you tell me when new products or special promotions are announced?

    Yes, of course. By subscribing our newsletter you will receive all of our novelties and special promotions. You can subscribe it here.


    26. Is my personal information kept private?

    Rodrilinea guarantees to keep private all the information provided.