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Since 1989





Rodrilinea was founded in 1989 as a home textile manufacturer, guided by the highest standards of quality and committed to meet the highest expectations of its clients. With a flexibility that makes it possible to customise all products with great finesse. High-quality bed linens, bath towels and table linens are produced from the finest raw materials.


Rodrilinea has also partnerships with several architecture offices and interior designers. It offers a customization service that allows the creation of unique and exclusive products with an excellent level of quality. The company’s mission is to meet the highest standards demanded by its customers, offering them suitable, stylish and up to date products.


Our exclusive home textile products are made to serve the requirements of the high-end consumer. We work with leading architects, interior designers and specifiers who o er first-class service. Our projects range from hotels, residential homes and offices, to wellness spas, private clubs and restaurants around the world.

The products are created with great attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for quality materials and a constant drive for creative innovation. Rodrilinea collections are made for rich interiors with personality.


Nowadays, it is unusual for a company to insist on the highest production standards for all of its products, but at Rodrilinea, this is a matter of course. In our unrelenting quest for quality, we have collaborated successfully with our partners and suppliers.


While we are proud of our Portuguese roots, we are a global company. Our products are inspired by our close involvement with any countries and our interest in their cultural trends. Innovation and continuous development, combined with our tradition and know-how passed down through the centuries, are the key to our success.

From design, execution, retail as well as after-sales support, we endeavour to deliver quality every step of the way, ensured by complete vertical integration.


We source our fabrics from the most quality conscious partners across the world and process them into luxury collections using the best technologies, capable of the most intricate designs at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Maia - Porto, Portugal.

Textile Solutions

What makes us unique is our ability to deliver products for every need, fully personalised and with high quality. Expect the best designs, allied with the most exquisite fabrics and finishings.


More Exclusive Design

We pride ourselves on our innovative design studio that goes to great lengths to create interior fabrics that are different and often unexpected. When it comes to home textile design, we are constantly pushing our creativity.

Rodrilinea has a distinctive signature - it's easy to see, but hard to define. It tells many stories but speaks one language. Perhaps, it is because of the complete freedom with which our designers create - supported by world-class technology, they experiment and translate their vision into our collections.


We design without bounds but we produce within stringent parameters. Only those with the perfect blend of look, feel, functionality, quality and that unmistakable Rodrilinea identity make their way to our products. A versatile portfolio of home textiles, from baroque satins to contemporary laces and soft cotton to rich silks designed to awaken the senses, both visual and tactile.

Around the world, "Made in Portugal" is a symbol of the highest quality in terms of product and reliability. Buying "Made in Portugal" articles is a guarantee of long life and up-to-date, respecting the environment and social responsibility.

And we are very proud of making part of this world of passion for quality, and where traditions and knowledge pass from hand to hand, from generation to generation, over the centuries.